What does full service mean?

Full service means we develop, manage and implement a design package from start to finish.  Our design scope of work include all elements in a home: wall and floor finishes, lighting, furnishings and soft goods. 

Who is your typical client?

Our clients are thoughtful, curious, brave, independent, intelligent.  In other words, great people.  We like to work with single professionals, couples, families and especially those busy movers-and-shakers who are lacking in time and longing for a home that nurtures and inspires them. 

Do you offer consultation services?

No, we stick to what we do best -- designing and implementing comprehensive residential interiors. Neither consultation nor client-driven decoration projects are part of our purview. 

Will you implement a client’s existing furnishings in a project?

Yes, sometimes we refinish, reupholster and/or re-purpose clients’ furniture and lighting.  Our maximum implementation of existing client-owned items in a project is 25% of the total furnishings required.

Will you work with my own vendors and/or subcontractors?

This is determined on a case-by-case basis.  If a client’s vendor meets Huntley & Co. standards for quality and reliability, then yes.  However, if the vendor’s work is sub-par or s/he lacks adequate experience, Huntley & Co. may decline collaboration and provide the client with an alternative option.

Our clients are our inspiration and we ask for their input at the project’s commencement in a detailed questionnaire to determine their wants, and needs.  The design is driven by this criteria as well as by the architecture and location of the residence.  Once a concept is in place, Huntley & Co. will drive the design and manage all details of the project from inception to installation.

What is my role in the design?

We work on projects of varying sizes ranging from apartments to large, family homes.  Clients, scope of work and appropriate budget determine feasibility - with whole house projects typically start at $100,000. Small and partial projects are welcomed if comprehensive in nature and accompanied by adventurous and receptive clients.

What can I expect to invest? What size projects does Huntley & Co. take on?